Friday, June 25, 2010

I kissed a boy!

So this past month has been full of ups and downs. The last time I posted I was set on not getting into a relationship with Brad. Well that plan went downhill because as of a ½ hour ago Brad and I are dating. I don't know how to really explain how all of this came about.
After our "walk" a couple Sundays ago he went on Trek with his stake, so I didn't see him at all that week. However every night this week we have spent time together. And have cuddled and held hands lots and lots. I have gotten to know his family well and love being around them. We have done various activities this week. We watched Leap Year (great movie by the way) played the piano, he did a guitar recital for me then blew me out of the water as his younger brother joined in on the electric bass guitar ( brad plays acoustic and electric). They played quite a few songs for me then played one that Brad wrote called Memories. So totally attractive by-the-way. ;D I had dinner at his house one night with his family and laughed the entire time due to the humor his family has. I don't know how they keep a serious moment around. Then tonight we celebrated Mom's birthday. She had me invite Brad over for cake and ice cream. I couldn't believe how comfortable he acted around my family! All I've heard this week is how much my family loves Brad. So I guess it makes sense. But I found out from him that he normally isn't comfortable around entire families other than his own. It was a surprising piece of news. Anyway we just all sat around talked and laughed. It was quite enjoyable. Ha ha so I walked him out to his car tonight and we talked some more. Suddenly he throws the question out "So are we dating now?" I hardly thought about it and answered "yes I do believe we are." Obviously I have gotten totally distracted from my goal...but strangely enough I am OK with that. As I was trying to end our conversation tonight ,since it was a bit late, he kissed me! It was perfect! A short sweet kiss! Well like the title states, I kissed a boy. Ha ha ha. So that's my adventure for tonight, I hope you enjoyed reading about it because I sure have enjoyed living it! So I guess there really hasn't been an ending to my story its only just beginning. :)