Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cake Boss#2

Hello Friends!
It has been such a long time since I have last blogged. And I am terribly sorry for that. It is partly due to the fact I am so terrible with technology. I have been working on fixing my blog the last six months and only just got it figured out last week.
I have been keeping busy, that is for sure. My brother has given me an endearing nick name when I do cakes and that is the Cake Boss II.Since moving back to Utah I seemed to have caught a cake bug. It started out around Valentines Day. My mom had seen this really cool looking cake decorating technique. It is called a ruffle. So me, in my craftiness, decided to come up with a reason to try the ruffle out. The I love you party was coming up soon and I told my mom I was claiming one of the desserts and it would be cake. So for the entire week before this party I made three cakes all from scratch. Each one turned out very different. This was my first cake it was a horrible looking cake.
 The second and third cake turned out much better.

And finally the "Love Cake"

After this cake I started getting into the little kid cakes. My coworker asked me to do a race car cake. I think it turned out cute.

And finally my two favorite of all time! These cakes took a long time to make and most of that time was figuring out how to assemble them. It was worth all the effort just to see the reactions on the faces of the Birthday people.
Both cakes are 3D. Now that I know what I am doing it will be easier to do these cakes in the future. Well I think that's all! Until next time!