Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello everyone!

It has definitely been a week. Some days were slower than others but it was all good. We met a guy whose father referred him to the missionaries last week. We went back this week to try him again since he stopped answering his phone. We found him outside the apartment and talked to him and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. We testified of the healing power of the book and told him that when he was struggling with urges to pick up bad habits to read and to pray. He came to church and I about cried when I saw him!!! He is amazing and is ready for the gospel to be a part of his life.
We met another man who knows a lot about the scriptures (ALL of them). We were also told that he had received revelation and visions of celestial beings. We were informed of their characteristics: they walk through walls, drive living space crafts, can walk on ceilings, they are childlike but intelligent etc. It was a very interesting conversation, however we have made it a point of avoiding his side of the street at all costs. Nice man, just a strange conversation.
We had another experience of finding. We went to a referrals home to check in with them. After our contact I felt we still really needed to be in the area. As I was getting into the car I saw some ladies walking their dogs and thought I should go talk to them. By the time I grabbed my bag and got out of the car they were really far away. So I looked at the houses around us and decided to knock on one. They didn't answer so I looked around again and saw another lady walking her dog. We talked to her but she wasn't interested. Just then I saw a couple walking our way with their arms very full of empty water bottles in bags. We stopped them and talked. They didn't speak very much English but told us to follow them to their home where the owner speaks very good English. So we followed them and met the owner. She is a very sweet older lady. She is Jewish and cannot get around very easy. She first assumed we were Jehovah's Witnesses but we quickly corrected her. Come to find out she knows a lot about The Mormons. We asked her if she has read the Book of Mormon. She hasn't, so we asked her if she would like to. She told us she is just too stressed out with things to do and doesn't have time. We offered to come and help her with some things and she saw and told us she felt we were sincere and honest in our offer. Because of that she said that if we helped her with some paper work she would read some the Book of Mormon. So tomorrow we are going to help her. She is a marvelous woman and super funny. I am excited to go back and visit with her. Its amazing to me just how quickly people turn us down without giving us 30 seconds. But this Lady was willing to listen and willing to be kind. Which is great for us! If people would just be more kind to others everyone's lives would be happier.
This week I have discovered something about missions and I hope I can relay it without losing anyone. On a mission we see success, but the more success we see the more we see the need to improve, and sometimes the worse we feel about ourselves knowing we can be better. Thus a vicious cycle of always trying to improve and become better happens. ITS GREAT!!!
Well that's it for this week. I love you all and hope you are finding ways to help the missionaries in your areas!
Sister Cottrell