Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed your Easter Sunday. I know I did. I had the opportunity to read about the Resurrection in Jesus the Christ before church and it hit me so powerfully just how perfect his sacrifice was for us. There is a talk that I have been sharing a lot with others this week and its Elder Hollands April Conference Address "None were with Him." I found it so profound how Elder Holland literally addresses the talk so that it feels as if its for you. He explains so simply that we are not alone as Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemane. We are blessed with family, teachers, friends, scriptures, temples etc. We are surrounded with things to remind us that we are NOT alone. I love this talk and would suggest to everyone!!!!!

Transfers came and went. It was fun to sing Called to Serve while the 24 new missionaries filed in. We had 12 sisters who are 19 years old come into our mission and 3 turned 19 either the day before they entered the MTC or while they were in the MTC. I got goosebumps when I heard that!!!!! Another Elder also informed us that the MTC is expecting 7000 missionaries this summer. Since the campus can only house approx. 3000, the Elders coming in will be sleeping in tents across the street on the field. Also all English speaking State side missionaries will be in the MTC for 5 days. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see all the work and changes being made so that the Lords work can hasten on.

My new companion is Sister Dyreng. She is fun and kind of crazy. When I heard who my companion was it caused me to sit and reflect over last weekend. I was so nervous about transfers I wouldn't let myself ponder on it. However the one time I did think about it and who could possibly be my companion I received and answer in disguise. The first person that popped into my head was Sister Dyreng and I remember thinking "Oh no." And the only reason why I say that is because she is exactly opposite of me. Tall, skinny, fashionable, loud, everyone knows her, and beautiful. I feel like a pumpkin next to her. ;D But she is amazing. Its no wonder she is who she is. She is helping me learn even more just by observance. I simply am learning to love her more each day and we have fun together.

We are making some major changes in the work we do in Chatsworth. Its going to be a week filled with a lot of hard work and concentration.

I love you all very much and hope to hear how you are all doing. We can take sufficent time each Monday to email friends and family. So if you get a moment I would love to hear from you all and see how you are doing! Remember you are not alone!!!!

Hoorah for Israel!!!


Sister Cottrell