Monday, April 8, 2013

Ups and Downs!

Wow wasn't General Conference amazing!!!!!! I have always had this strong love for conference and this weekend did not disappoint the excitment I felt being able to go and watch it. There were some themes which were talked about over and over again: families, teaching the gospel in the home, obedience, and missionary work. I loved it! I have felt this week an increase in feasting on the words of the prophets. Through my scripture study and preach my gospel studies I find comfort and peace. I often think about the Savior and His teachings and how they apply not only to me but to those I come into contact with.

We attended a funeral on Saturday afternoon between sessions. We went primarily to support the daughter who is a less active we have been working with. As I watched her family walk in I realized how grief stricken they looked. I realized there is a real difference in how we react to grief based off our knowledge of this life and the life to come. This family is about 50-50. Some are members others are either inactive or not members. I started crying as I always do in funerals but not for grief over a loved one. I cried in grief of realizing these people don't have the knowledge I do of the Plan of Salvation.

I had another interesting experience in knocking on a door of another less active member. When the door was opened there was a young woman and she looked terrified when she realized who we were. She started yelling, "Shut the door, shut the door! We dont believe in cults!!!!" She backed away from us and out of our sight. 30 seconds later she came back while we were talking to the member and hid behind the door saying, "you burned my Sister!!! Please get rid of them!" Well we soon left feeling totally unsettled and weirded out. I am not really sure what she thinks we do but we wont be going back again.

There is so much evil in this world. If only the whole world was required to watch General Conference to learn and take heed to the counsel given...but that would take away their agency. Darn!!! ;D

This week has been hard as we have been working so hard to identify potential investigators and try to contact the current ones we have. Unfortunately I have a feeling our current investigators are soon to be no more. This work is hard and stressful but when the Lord sees fit to send someone that is just slightly interested it makes everything worth it! I love this work and I love sharing the gospel with those who have not had the chance to hear it. I know the Lord is hastening his work. If nothing else provided evidence of this, the words of the Prophets do. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Spring weather that is here.

Hoorah for Israel!


Sister Cottrell