Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Training Has Ended- YIKES!

Well by the subject line my training has ended and I am now realizing the full impact of that fact. Transfer calls were issued Saturday night and training calls can come anytime on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning. I was a true hot mess when transfer calls came. Sister Haws is getting transferred out and I am staying in Chatsworth. I am really going to miss Sister Haws, she truly became like a sister to me and I love her very much. I have been extremely worried about some things that only I will be aware of this coming transfer that I get to relay to my new companion. I am worried about teaching a few people because I dont feel like I communicate well with them and if I have to drive then I have to know the area (which I think I do but it will be different behind the wheel, right?) They really are just simple little things but they are taking their toll on me and I have felt very overwhelmed. In sacrament meeting I pulled out my scriptures seeking comfort and found out that my reading lead me right into Ether. Of course verse 27 popped out at me and I started crying. Enough where I actually walked out and went in search of some tissues. The part of verse 27 which stood out at me was about being humble. Sister Haws told me a saying the other day which is stuck in my head, "Inadequacy is saying, I cant to do this. Humility is saying, I cant do this without the Lord." I feel like I got the message LOUD AND CLEAR. So I am now faced with dealing with change but Im not facing it alone. I have the Lord on my side and he will guide me with his Spirit. I know I can do this and that its time the training wheels come off. Oh, I dont think I am training since I haven't gotten a call yet. Which is totally fine by me. I would love to wait another transfer so I can get my feet under me just a little bit better. 

Sister Haws and I have had an interesting experience this week. We became a trio on Wednesday night! Our mission receives Temple Square Sisters in every now and then so, Sister Ince came and joined us. She is from Canada and is a firecracker. In fact she reminds me of Rocio in a way. I love her already and will miss her but look forward to seeing how she does proselyting. She knows a lot and is very bold in her teaching. Yesterday she and I went on splits and we got 2 doors in a row of Bible Bashers. It was very trying but we both handled the situations well and were able to help each other through the experience. Our current room looks extremely familiar. The lay out goes something like this: wall, bed, bed, bed, wall.....I think the Lord knew that I needed some experiences before I came out on my mission.... ;D

There is a lot of work going on in Chatsworth and there is so much potential! I am excited I get to stay and see what happens in the next 6 weeks. I am hoping that I will get to see at least 3 of our investigators be baptized. They are so close!!!!! Anyway this week has been good and there have been alot of new experiences packed into it. Probably my favorite was trying a new food....magots. I hope to never try them again ha ha ha. We aren't really sure where they came from. We think they came from some old lemons someone gave us. We jumped right into getting all the food thrown away in our cupboards and calling our medical advisor. We have been super grossed out!!!!! Sister Haws and I are wondering if our friends have been contributing to stomach aches. However we are on the mend and we hope we killed our friends with handy dandy Raid. I think we are getting our apartment sprayed just in case.
Well if that didn't gross you out I don't know what would. I think that raps up Chatsworth this week! Tell Irina congrats for me and give her a big hug!!!!!! Love you all!
Hoorah for Israel!!!!
Sister Cottrell