Friday, August 2, 2013



Well its transfer time again. Its amazing how fast the time flies by when you count your life in 6 weeks at a time. :D hahaha

I am NOT getting transferred and neither is Sister Scrivner. And so far we haven't gotten any training calls other than continuing to be Sister Training Leaders. We have so many wonderful plans of how to do exchanges and help our sisters this next transfer. This week has made me sad on the note of exchanges. We have uncovered a deep layer of disobedience in our mission. It saddens me that we have stumbled upon it but at the same time we are glad we did so we can help our sisters become exceptional missionaries. We had a pretty deep discussion with President Hall about it all.

Today we are getting 30 new missionaries! Its going to be exciting. We have the wonderful opportunity to go and welcome them to their new home this afternoon. Pretty much we are going to be at the church when they arrive and eat lunch with them. Then we are going to take them out for a couple hours!!!!!! Hooray! I remember when I was new. I was so scared to go out and proselyte. Hahaha I have much sympathy for those who will suddenly find themselves in the same position. Its great being a leader. We get some great opportunities. I am excited to go today! I pray that we will get to see many miracles today too. ;D

This morning we did a Christmas in July party with our District. We drew names and then bought presents under $5 for the missionary. I love my district and I am sad to see some of them leave but they are going to be wonderful leaders and missionaries in their new areas. And its not goodbye its a see you later moment. Ah, the missionary life is full of excitement. ;D

Yesterday I had a small miracle. Sadly enough this transfer I haven't gotten a letter from anyone, actually its been 9 weeks, not that I'm counting. I know that love is not measure by how much mail you get but it gets hard when your roommates are constantly getting mail. I don't share this to make anyone feel bad! I know that we are all very busy and have other priorities that take our time. Its a fair assumption, and I get emails from my family each week. However, yesterday my zone leaders approached me at a baptism and handed me an envelope. I couldn't help but cry and tell them why I was so emotional. The note was simple and it was from a dear sister in my parents ward. It wasn't much but it was to me and for me. I was so grateful for the inspiration this sister had to write me. I really needed it and it helped fill my bucket once again. I will never forget this note and how much it meant to me. Thank you Marilyn Ference.

We taught our investigator a couple times this week. We have one day where we read the Book of Mormon ( he loved the story of Laban getting killed...boys...) and another where we teach the lessons. We taught the Plan of Salvation. Everything was going fine until we introduced the 3 kingdoms. He suddenly started getting defensive saying things like, "Well some people really deserve to go to Hell." We tried and tried to get him around those thoughts but eventually we finally brought up outer darkness and then he was okay but not satisfied. Its a little frustrating. I feel like he knows in his heart what we teach is true but his brain wont wrap around it and tries to find any potential problem with our doctrine. However we are making slow progress. We had a member with us at the time of this lesson and he was able to share his experience of learning this lesson when he was an investigator. I believed it helped the investigator a little bit.

We went to a talent show the other night for our ward because Sister Scrivner was tongue clicking the Mexican Hat Dance. It was pretty cool. There were a lot of non member friends there and we discovered our ward is very talented. A guy in our ward balanced a church banquet table on his Chin! We had a band made up of ward members singing a popular song. It was just so cool to sit there and admire the many talents of our ward. And it was a great activity to invite their friends to.

Well I think that about does it this week. Im sorry this is so short. It was kind of a slow week. I love you all very much!!!!!

Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Cottrell