Monday, March 4, 2013

Changes,Changes, Changes

I have some news to share about the Lord's work and the hastening of it:
Today President Hall sent out a startling email to all the missionaries in the San Fernando Mission. In it was news that the Lord is Hastening His work and evidence of this will be in the division of our mission. 4 of the 58 new missions will be created here in California. One of those missions is the Bakersfield California Mission. From our Mission and the Ventura Mission 7 stakes will be combining to create this new mission. Which takes out all of our desert areas and winter mountain ranges. This new mission opens July 1, 2013. This is great news!!!!! However our mission will be extremely small. We will only cover the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys (the size is only 20 by 60 miles.) We get to keep the limit of 250 missionaries in our mission even though we are decreasing in size. The bitter sweet part of this whole deal is that whoever is assigned to the northern areas will be leaving our mission and joining the Bakersfield mission. President Hall has reminded us that the Lord has specifically called some of us out here so we could serve in both missions. It is a little scary knowing there is a very real possibility knowing it could be you getting transferred to the new mission especially since we do not have very many Sisters in our mission right now who aren't visa waiters.... So that is the news!!!! I will keep you up to date to let you know of the other changes that are happening in regards to the mission.

**To see a map go to click here. Randall's  mission really is going to be small!

This week was good for Sister Haws and I. We set a firm baptismal date with our investigator for April 6th, 2013!!!! The date might change just because we didn't realize that it is the Preisthood session of conference haha. We also taught another investigator the 1st lesson and had a lot of good contacts with many other people. We are keeping our fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers for a few in particular. There was a day we decided to pray over our ward list and both of us discovered we had the same two names on the same street. So we went and knocked on their doors. We knew we were there for a reason and knew it wasn't for those 2 names because they didn't answer. A little down the road we met a guy about 23 years old. He is orthodox Christian from Armenia. He had so many good questions and had a very strong curiosity about the Book of Mormon. It was a really cool miracle that day and it definitely lifted our spirits up.

Yesterday I had an experience I never want to have again. Im still shaking from it!!! We went on splits with a couple sisters from our ward. My assigned area was in an old area of Chatsworth where there are a lot of horse stables and chorales. We weren't having any luck and decided to go back to the car. As we were walking to the car a heard a horse whinny in the distance. Since I hear them all the time I didn't think much of it. Then as I crossed the street I looked up and saw this horse running full speed ahead probably about 250-300 feet away. We ran across the street to get out of the way. I had the distinct impression to turn around. As I turned as saw the horse I thought, "It's going to change direction and come this way." And it did. This Sister I was with wasn't paying attention because she was looking for her keys. She was still walking to the car and in the direct path of the horse. She was still close enough that I was able to grab her shoulders and whip her around behind me. The horse barely made it past us and into the street again. Cars were slamming on brakes and trying to avoid the "wild" horse. Even though we were safe and it was a close call we were shaking... I don't know where the rider/owner was because the horse was all saddled up. It probably got spooked and took off. I am convinced it was the spirit which caused the Horse to change direction. There was no way it was going to otherwise. So there is my first crazy mission experience. ;D I am safe and I am being cautious and I trust the Lord will take care of me.

I am so grateful to be here at this time and to witness first hand the miracles taking place in our mission and in the Kingdom of God. With the reduction of our mission we will have an even better capacity to meet our goal of 1000 baptisms this year. We will all be closer and working more strongly together. I am excited for this change and a little nervous of the unknown but it is the Lords work and he will place us where we need to be right when we need to be there. I love you all and appreciate all your prayers and support!!!