Friday, September 24, 2010

So grateful!

So in the past month I have found myself very grateful for the job that I have. It can be so difficult sometimes to try and put yourself on the same page as your patients and be able to effectively communicate with them. For a long time I have looked at the past three years and have been throughly disgusted with the way my life has taken its course. I have constantly struggled to go to school, work, and be healthy. I always complained about the money not being saved and going into the "stupid circumstances" that always seem to creep up. However as my dad and I were talking one night I spiritually discovered an urgent need to change my perspective. I each day I find myself more thankful that the Lord has provided for me. Well now you might be asking how and I will happily tell you. If it wasnt for the miraculous timing of getting my license and applying to go to BYU-I, i wouldnt have the job I still have today. My job transfer did not go through to Idaho. I could have easily not had the job should I moved to idaho. Instead the lord provided a means for me to stay home work and pay for the appartment in Idaho I didnt live in. I went to school for the first time in a year and half at the University of Utah and payed in full for it. Next it was time to buy a car. I needed to work yet again and could not take the bus and work enough time to make the income needed. Again because of my job I was able to put a $4000 downpayment without a co-signer and still have enough to pay for school. The final miraculous blessing of my job came into full fruit last January as I went to have surgery. Because I had saved and saved and saved I was able to pay in full without loans for the surgery in seven months. And I still have my job to this day with great Credit. Its been a true eye opener this last year. And I cant go a day without telling my Father in Heaven thank you for it. Sure enough each experience has been heart wrenching to me but now as I look back with a new perspective its has become easier to remember the trial. I am so grateful.