Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome to the San Fernando Mission Sister Cottrell!

President and Sister Hall
Randall's Mission President sent us some pictures of her on her first day in the mission!
With her traveling companions, yep, she was the only Sister in the group!

Her first companion, Sister Haws

Monday, January 28, 2013

Have a Blessed Day!

January 28,2013
Family and Friends!

How are you? How is the Sun? The weather has been a little rainy here but that's okay!!! This week has been a little slow. Our entire Zone did a special fast on Thursday(?) to see miracles and find a family to teach. We saw a lot of miracles that day and possible investigator families. It was fun but a little crazy. We work a lot with less actives and have had some real success in getting them to church and plainly opening their door to us. I had a very sad experience last night. Our only progressing investigator has been a 14 year old girl who lives with her aunt and husband who are members that are working on being more active and have a goal to go to the temple. This girl, we will call her Jill, has been in the foster care system and has had a pretty rough life. Saturday night she had a melt down over some pretty stupid things and started having a literal fit. She threw things that broke the window called the cops and then started throwing accusations out that were entirely untrue. Needless to say she has been placed back into the foster care system and is in a Psychiatric hospital having an evaluation done. It was horrible news to receive and Sister Haws and I pretty much cried on our way to bed. As I was thinking about it I realized how grateful I am to have parents who were raised with strong family values and have striven to live the gospel in their lives and to incorporate it into their children's lives. The gospel does so much besides give us salvation. It blesses our families and makes homes a safe place to reside where you can learn and as a family strive to all work towards the same thing, eternal life. I don't know where I would be today if I didn't have the gospel or a good family to rely on. I sincerely pray for "Jill" and hope that the doctors who are treating her will be lead and guided and that she will rely on the things we have taught her about prayer and her loving Heavenly Father. I also pray that she will be placed in a home with people who will be patient with her and loving. Another downer was that Sunday night was the night to find out if "Jill" had prayed and accepted the Baptismal date of Feb. 16th we were hoping to set for her. This whole situation has been devastating to me but has made me extremely grateful for the things I have been blessed with.

Sister Haws- I love her!!!! She is from Rexburg, Idaho and no her parents do not work for BYU. She has a license as a cosmetologist. She has recently cut a couple of elderly ladies hair in our ward. And she is amazing on the piano. She used to be a music major. We have fun together and pretty much just give each other attitude. ;D

Yesterday we had the opportunity to accompany our ward mission leader for a musical number. He rented a violin for me to play and we have it for a month! The song was "Come thou font" and it was beautiful. I think it would be a good arrangement for Emily. There is also a flute part to go with the violin but you can make it work if you don't have a person to play the flute. I love playing the hymns and bearing my testimony through music.

The ward here feeds us ridiculously well. I am surprised my clothes still fit and possible might be looser especially since we dont really walk a ton of the time. Benefits of a car area ;D (sorta). We have asked the ward to stop providing dessert for "health reasons." When actually it is just because we shouldn't have so many sweets. hahahaha

We also might start teaching a Temple Prep Class. There are enough people in our ward who are trying to set the goal of attending the temple for themselves. It will be so exciting if we are assigned to do that!

Something weird about California: People talk through their Doors!!!! Sometimes I think seriously, how hard is it to open your door? But then again why would you even come to the door if you didn't want to open it and talk to people? I don't know but it is an interesting thing out here.

There is a saying that I have heard here so much that I want to share it with you. A lot of people say things to wish you a good day with Heavenly Father blessing you and as members we don't use these phrases simply because it would be taking the Lord's name in vain. The phrase that I like so much is "Have a blessed day." What a phrase right? It pretty much is the same wish for people without swearing! I love it and it makes me happy when I hear it.

I love being a missionary and serving the Lord. It makes me happy too. I love all of you and think about you tons! I hope all of your families are well and that they are progressing temporally and spiritually.

Hoorah for Israel!

Love you,

Sister Cottrell