Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tough Love

The last three weeks have been extremely trying and stressful. With trying to find some way to go to school, work and feel good about it all I have worked myself into a frenzy. And then to top it all off Brad and I hit a rift in our relationship and from there everything has gone downhill. I think I have finally realized that I stopped listening to promptings while dating Brad about the mission. Before Brad came I had received my answer and things started working out so I could turn my papers in. But because I loved the idea of dating Brad I thought the lord put me on another path. Well he didn't I did. And I am now finding myself currently single as of tonight. My heart isn't broken and it was a mutual break up. I feel bad for hurting him. I just finally listened to a red alarm in my heart. Anyway so that's the update. I am pretty sure I will be finishing those papers here soon and working towards scrapeing money together again. It has definitely been a lesson of tough love this month.