Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It Was So Good to SEE You!

It was so good to talk to you Yesterday. I am so grateful for technology and the opportunity we have to communicate to our families as missionaries. Our mission is definitely spoiled with the ability to Skype home when a lot of the other missions aren't allowed to. So I am very grateful for the time I had. Everyone looks like the are doing great!

Biking is great. I am definitely saddle sore. But with time that should fade....hopefully. ;D Its a little scary when trucks go flying by and you can literally reach out and touch them. But I guess thats part of the job to bike. At least I'll be super tan and have amazing leg muscles. ;D There are some super steep areas in our ward. The ward here in Palmdale is so amazing. They are so super missionary oriented. We really dont have any problems getting members to lessons or finding rides when it gets dark outside. When we first got here the Elders that had been in the area we opened had a planner with all our appointments scheduled for the whole week. They even had rides for us the whole day! They were so sweet to look out for us. There were only a couple things they looked over. The time to get groceries and bikes...... Its a good thing I thought to grab my oatmeal out of the cupboard before leaving Chatsworth because thats all we had for food in the apartment for 2 days. hahaha oh good times.

Training is great and overwhelming all at the same time. I made the mistake of assuming my new missionary was going to be like me when I got out here. WRONG! Sister Peatross is so prepared she really doesn't need a trainer. I have really had to try hard not to assume she cant do something. So we are working on it. I love her already!!!! She is from Duchesne Utah. I hadn't heard of it but everyone out here seems to know where it is and has been there! Lucky for me she is 21 so I dont feel too old yet. ;D

Okay so here is the deal. Our President doesn't like to separate trainers and new missionaries right in the middle of training. So we are probably looking at staying in Palmdale through July and that will put us in the New Bakersfield Mission. Which would be awesome!!!!!! We have about 4 baptisms confirmed for the next 3 weeks! and then we have 6 other people we are working with to get ready for baptism again. Their dates have changed and we are working with parents who have had concerns. So there is lots of work to do. Its amazing to be here and to be a missionary. I am excited to share the coming weeks with everyone because they are going to be full of events!!!!!

I love you all and hope you all enjoyed your Mothers Day. Have fun this next week!

Hoorah for Israel!


Sister Cottrell