Sunday, October 9, 2011


So time must fly by because it doesn't feel like its been 4 months since I have posted. And on that note I recently just realized next month (November) marks one year that I have been in Lincoln. I wont lie it really startled me to figure that one out.
So my reflections of the last couple months have consisted of the things I have done and the decisions I have made. Some things of firsts. I went fishing and caught 3 small fish, attended a demolition derby, took a plane home all by myself, made a rubix cube cake, ate squid ( which is actually really good ) and turtle. I think that is all.
Some decisions I have made: the big one.... I moved into and apartment!!!!!!!!!! Hooray! It was fun while it lasted however due to decisions of others and poor management it didn't last long. I lived there for a total of 6 weeks. It was nice to decorate it and basically do things the way I thought was best. I felt very independent. I moved back to my grandparents, and I am extremely grateful they have been able to take me back in. At least now I have a roof over my head and a place to sleep. I think that about covers the adventures of my summer. I kept busy and started doing healthy things like playing ultimate Frisbee for 2 hours one night a week, biking a gravel trail and starting my diet over again. Which with all these things combined helped me to get into a little better shape. ;) It was fun especially with Frisbee to see myself grow and get better at things. I can run a little faster, catch harder throws and learn the strategy of the game well enough to read other peoples moves. It was probably my most favorite thing during the week!
For good news; Last quarter in school I earned a GPA of 4.0! I was terribly excited and hope with the new quarter starting again I will be able to do just as well with all things considered.
I am doing well, trying to figure things out, and learning consistently. Well I think that about covers it!
Until next time!
P.s here are some pictures of my summer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life is Great !!!

I decided that tonight at 1 am would be a wonderful time to write something. Partially because I need to, and the other, partially, is because my head is spinning from homework and I wont sleep till some of it is unloaded. I cant seem to finish my homework until tomorrow or Thursday. I have had a mental writers block since Sunday. So this can also be an exercise to hopefully break down that blockade up there and let me continue with my crazy life. How do you like that justification? ha ha ha.
Life out here in Nebraska is great! I am finally in school and doing well so far. Especially in my math class. Those who know me well can attest to the fact math is NOT my strong point in academics. I currently have a 98%!!!! hooray for me!!! I pretty excited about it. My church calling is awesome too. I am in the relief society presidency and loving it! It gives me the opportunity to reach out to girls and get to know them. Which is nice since I am still trying to "friend" people in the ward. I never thought that all those experiences in Delta would have prepared me to tackle this calling. It definitely absorbs my extra time. What little is available of it. :)
Last month marked a year of visiting back here for a friends wedding. I recently recalled an experience I had during that visit. I was sitting in sacrament meeting and suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling that I was going to end up back in this ward. The ward I was attending is the singles ward I am now in. Funny huh? I had completely forgotten that small moment. It is funny how the Lord works. I would have never thought that feeling would actually make itself into a reality. As far as I was concerned Utah was where I was going to be calling home for a while. How wrong I was!!!!
Each day something happens where I am consistently reminded that the Lord wants me out here. I have seen miracles in my schooling and in other areas of my life because of my choices to follow the promptings of the spirit.
I also realize that I am still growing, and maturing. I am beginning to handle situations differently and I am learning patience. slowly..... But still learning the principle of it.
Life is great!!! I don't care who you are or who is reading this but I want you to know that I appreciate my life with all the curve balls and ups and downs I have been through. Life is precious to me and it kills me when people talk their life down. You should love it a lot more. Your life is a gift from our Heavenly Father. You are here for a reason too you know. If you are finding life difficult go out and serve someone in need of a cheerful smile!! Find a hands on project to keep you busy, or just call me and I'll cheer you up. But whatever you do always remember life is great and is worth living!!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faith, Trust and Good Timing...?

There are times in my life where decisions are either easy or difficult. Everyone has those moments. It seems lately that I have had a lot of difficult ones. Tonight I was presented with another dilemma.

For those of you who do not know me very well, I am a Mormon. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints members are selected through thought and prayer and given assignments or callings. These callings can vary from teaching sunday school to leading the music. Every summer the young women go to what is called Girls Camp. It is a time where girls learn the lessons of survival outdoors and grow stronger in unity with each other. All seven years as a camper I have loved it. It was one of my favorite times of summer. My first year a tornado hit the area and we had to run for shelter. And the last year I went I was a certification leader. Basically I taught the girls certain things like how to do a bedroll, build a fire, constellations etc. Why am I bringing this up? Well I received a telephone call tonight asking me to accept the assignment of 1st year camp leader. I was so excited!!!!! I without a thought accepted it.

Now here is the catch, the real dilemma. Girls camp is June 13-17. Right in the middle of the work week. I have been planning on visiting home June 23-27, and Christmas. I only have so many vacation days. And if I do both on paid leave I miss Christmas.... Now the decision seems easy to you I can tell, but I want you to know that I have never turned down an assignment/calling. No matter how unappealing or untimely it might have come. I have faith and trust that the Lord is providing a way for me to make it home to my family, especially when he knows how homesick I am. But if this assignment is made through prayer how can I turn it down? Girls Camp comes around every year. But MY FAMILY is the only family I have. I love them so much, and I am counting down the days until I can run to them and give them all hugs. I can tell that this decision is going to be so hard! And that it is going to take a lot of prayer and faith relying on the Lord that he knows what is best for me and where I need to be at the right time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

When I grow up.....

So lately my mind has been on the future. What would I like to do with my life? What should I major in? Will this major be one that I enjoy and can use? With thoughts like these constantly running through my head it can be crowded up there. However I had a minor breakthrough that I am beginning to research. What if I went to school and majored in event planning? With my friends I feel like I am always trying to coordinate activities or just getting the gang together. A little over a year ago I had two close friends get married. With them getting married I have silently been stewing over details that I would love to have at my wedding. But that is another story. Why does that apply? Well I think it would be so fun to open a wedding planner business. To help Brides bring their dream weddings to reality or close to it. Of course a lot of work would have to go into that but already I feel like ideas are beginning to form of how the business would run. Have I completely lost my mind?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New adventures

Well its been two months!!!! And in some aspects it seems long and others it feels like the time has flown by. But the time has been good and I have learned lots. I am slowly and I mean very slowly making new friends in the ward. Names are starting to become familiar as well as faces. I have spent lots of time with the sister missionaries doing team ups and have recently just taught my first Sunday School Lesson. Which was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing and teaching it. Another big thing that has happened is school. I was officially accepted into the Community college's academic transfer program. I am very excited and looking forward to finally getting the opportunity to go back to school for however long I can afford it again. It seems to be the same cycle: earn money, spend it on school, deplete savings, try saving again do it over. Except that saving thing usually takes me a year or so to save enough for a semester and a half. Its beginning to frustrate me and I have no idea if I can even get grants or loans for that matter. And everyone around me either tells me forget the loans or get the loans. Yes, it is a constant struggle. On the bright side, I have a job and a place that I can live for free. So it evens out Right? .... maybe. Anyway that's my story for now, New Adventures are here!