Sunday, October 9, 2011


So time must fly by because it doesn't feel like its been 4 months since I have posted. And on that note I recently just realized next month (November) marks one year that I have been in Lincoln. I wont lie it really startled me to figure that one out.
So my reflections of the last couple months have consisted of the things I have done and the decisions I have made. Some things of firsts. I went fishing and caught 3 small fish, attended a demolition derby, took a plane home all by myself, made a rubix cube cake, ate squid ( which is actually really good ) and turtle. I think that is all.
Some decisions I have made: the big one.... I moved into and apartment!!!!!!!!!! Hooray! It was fun while it lasted however due to decisions of others and poor management it didn't last long. I lived there for a total of 6 weeks. It was nice to decorate it and basically do things the way I thought was best. I felt very independent. I moved back to my grandparents, and I am extremely grateful they have been able to take me back in. At least now I have a roof over my head and a place to sleep. I think that about covers the adventures of my summer. I kept busy and started doing healthy things like playing ultimate Frisbee for 2 hours one night a week, biking a gravel trail and starting my diet over again. Which with all these things combined helped me to get into a little better shape. ;) It was fun especially with Frisbee to see myself grow and get better at things. I can run a little faster, catch harder throws and learn the strategy of the game well enough to read other peoples moves. It was probably my most favorite thing during the week!
For good news; Last quarter in school I earned a GPA of 4.0! I was terribly excited and hope with the new quarter starting again I will be able to do just as well with all things considered.
I am doing well, trying to figure things out, and learning consistently. Well I think that about covers it!
Until next time!
P.s here are some pictures of my summer.

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