Monday, April 15, 2013

Where should we Go?

Hello Everyone!!!!
I just saw some some pictures of a couple of the cousins and they have all grown up so much!!!!!! It warmed my heart though. How is everyone doing? I am doing well. It has been a hard week because we have been working so hard to find new investigators since our teaching pool has seemed to dry up. Its been sad but we are pushing on! We starting contacting a bunch of our Former Investigators. Some of them we get a hold of others aren't home. However we have gotten a hold of one. She is 21 years old and she has had some major difficulties in her life. Her dad just tried to commit suicide and she has extreme depression. She is super nice and we talked a lot about trusting our Heavenly Father during our trials besides everyday. She is very knowledgeable about the Bible. I sincerely pray that she will let us keep meeting with her. She is definitely being prepared. Our Bishop really wants us to continue focusing on Less Active Members. Its sometimes hard to do that because we cant always balance finding investigators. President Hall has asked us to spend 30 hours finding a week. However I am very aware that the Lord sees our efforts and the desire we have to meet both expectations.

We have been thinking a lot about the next transfer. Not because we are ready for it come but because we have been informed that because we have 11 English speaking Sisters coming in there is a 90% chance that ALL of us will be training and some of us will be training 2 at a time!!! Sister Dyreng likes to do transfer predictions and she is stumped because there is just no way to tell what will happen. The changes which have been taking place in missionary work is phenomenal. It makes me so happy to be apart of everything and that I will have everything recorded so that my posterity will be able to have a first hand account.

Sister Dyreng is a firecracker. She loves to be kind of crazy. She loves dance parties and anything to do with working out. She is a great missionary and really knows how to relate to the people out here. She has definitely taught me a lot about letting go and just talking with others about the gospel. Sometimes I get shy when we get into certain situations and I hate feeling like i'm "bugging" people when they are obviously busy. But the message we share is a good interruption, and it is worth listening to.

I am sorry that there hasn't been much to write about the last couple weeks. Its just been super slow here in Chatsworth. I love you all and hope that all of you enjoy the Spring weather that should hopefully be arriving soon.

Hoorah for Israel!


Sister Cottrell