Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes its my Birthday on Tuesday and I really appreciate all the Birthday wishes you have all sent me. What does a missionary do on their birthday? They Bring the World His Truth!!!! Its going to be just a normal day and its going to be awesome. We have some really good plans and it will pass just as any other day. One of the sisters that lives with us who just came in is having a birthday on the 19th. So we are all going to the temple on Wednesday. It just works better for us to do it then. I am really excited to go and see the new video in the temple!!!! Hopefully there isn't someone who needs head phones because I have been told that if there is they use the old movie. Keeping my fingers crossed! However if it does happen its okay because the ordinance is still the same and the person on the other side still receives their salvation, and that's what counts! :D

Taking the new missionaries out was amazing on Monday! There were so many of them!!!! I was totally able to sign in a street contact while out with a new sister! I was so excited!!!!! I don't know much but I was able to understand what he was saying and sign back. IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!! As always its a tiring day and we had a ton of packing to do that night. Sister Scrivner had been in the area for 7 months and collected a ton of junk. We stayed up pretty late cleaning and packing. As I was praying that night I started getting pretty nervous about my new companion. With so many companions that have just be difficult to work with all my mind was doing was what if's. Never a good thing... So I decided to pray for help to focus on being her best friend this next transfer. I had found out earlier in the day who my comp was going to be and I was thinking about her personality and how I am totally not like her. But its okay because we have been great so far! Her name is Sister Kemp and she is another Sister Training Leader from the other valley. I think it was around Wednesday afternoon she told me something that totally set me at peace about her being my companion. She told me that last transfer President Hall was going to put us together and release Sister Scrivner but there were some things that came up with her last companion that he didn't want to separate them just quite yet. As I was thinking about all that she told me I realized that she really is needed in this area and I think she will be what helps make the difference in our ward. Also we were meant to be together as companions a while ago. The Lord is all knowing and will help us do the things that we need to do. Obviously Sister Kemp and I have some work to do here. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for us.

We got our newly assigned stewardships for sister training leader stuff. We used to have 4 companionships that we would exchange with. Now we have 7!!!!!!!!!!! Agh!!!! There are so many! However our stewardship now has us going to every sister area in the San Fernando Valley! We cover North Hollywood, Studio City, Mission Hills, Granada Hills, Woodland Hills, West Hills, and Chatsworth. Its gonna be a busy transfer hahahaha. I am excited to work with the sisters and see the miracles in this valley.

Oh Yeah!!!! Guess what happened to us 4 days ago....our AC broke :( it has been so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't get cold enough for me to crawl under my covers and snuggle until about 5am. We luckily have fans that are in our rooms to keep the air moving. I think the air unit is getting serviced today so hopefully we will be comfortable tonight. heehee

I am really grateful for the ability to play the piano. Once again I was asked to play for our sacrament meeting. It went really well! No big mess ups like last time. I love the hymns and love to read the words as I play. The Lord really does bless with the talents that we need at the moment we need them.

We met with our investigator again this week and reset her baptismal date! HOORAY!

She is really taking to the doctrine that we are teaching her. I think the word of wisdom might be hard for her since she loves her coffee but she has a good support system and she has us. We invited her to pizza and games and building cleaning. She came and had a lot of fun although she is really shy. What is better is that she came to church yesterday and had an awesome time! Because she came to the party she already knew some people at church so it all worked out.
It has been such a good week so far and I am looking forward to this next week. I'll send pictures soon so you can see who Sister Kemp is. She is super tall and makes me feel very short hahaha I used to feel tall. She has lots of catchy phrases that are starting to rub off and im not quite sure if that's a good thing. hahaha I guess we will see. :P
Oh!!! I totally forgot some of our sisters areas are bike areas!!! I am so glad I didn't sell my bike lol I can't wait to see if I go to those areas on our exchanges!
Well I need to go but I love you all and hope you are doing well. For those of you in Utah please don't float away. The amount of rainfall sounds pretty impressive. ;D
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Cottrell