Friday, June 4, 2010

Dating vs. Mission

So in my previous post I talked about going on a date with Brad. I had been looking forward to it all week. I was almost giddy with anticipation. Well we went out last night and boy was it fun. We had pizza in the park, strolled for a while then went bowling. It was so enjoyable!!! However as soon as I walked in the house I knew something was different for me. I didn't come home like I normally would and say, "Oh it was so much fun!!!!" and be all giddy about a wonderful date. No, I came home and immediately wanted to cry. Yesterday morning I had a spiritual slap right across the face. I was playing the piano and the thought clear as day and very loud said, What are you doing?! You are supposed to go on a mission. Why haven't you worked on your papers more frequently? That's what you are to be doing.... I was brought to tears by this thought and found more thoughts like that going through my head the rest of the day. Let me tell you, that was pretty unsettling. I guess the reason would be because I had this small sliver of hope that I would find someone to be interested in and date and go into a relationship with. So when I got home I was confused and well.. unsettled. I called my friend up and he immediately told me to do four things: 1. pray 2. read my patriarchal blessing 3. read the scriptures 4. go to sleep. I did exactly that. I prayed for confirmation on going on a mission to be comforted and feel committed. Then read my blessing which brought the confirmation and comfort. Next I read my scriptures which gave me the commitment. Finally after saying another prayer I went to sleep with thoughts of putting zeal into preparing to go on a mission. I feel so much better now. I just need to let everybody know ( including Brad) that I'm going on a mission. Its the right thing for me to be doing. Anyway that's my story about my date. Pretty exciting huh?

Monday, May 31, 2010


Well I finally have been able to start on my mission papers. I never realized how truly deep they are. Questions would come up asking about my ancestors nationalities which totally threw me off for a minute. I just wasnt expecting those questions. Anyway its been an interesting experience. But my main motivation today is to tell you that I'm going on a date. You are probably wondering why thats so exciting. Well I am happy to tell you why. I have this really great girlfriend who I was really close too. Until she got married... anyway.... anytime we were together with a group of guys she would be the one who all the men payed attention too. I could flirt and do all the same things and still be left on the side of the road. It got so irritating that I hated going places to hang out with guys with her. Anyway since she got married I haven't been on any dates. At all. Any date I went on she would have set it up. So theres the history. Here is the exciting part, which I'm sure you've already guessed. There is a guy named Brad Watts who I have occasionally spent time with due to friend functions. I never bothered to talk to him or anything until last week. A group of us went to play Ultimate Frisbee for YSA. Afterwards we went to his house and talked. He and I ended up talking quite a bit and laughed a ton. Then on Friday and Saturday we hung again with our friends. Only on saturday he had his arm around me in the car. When we (being Tonya, Rocio, and I) droped him off at home he flat out asked me out for Thursday!!! In front of the girls and all. I have to say bravo to him because I can only imagine how nerve racking that would be. I immediately said yes and that I would love too, because lets face it that doesnt happen to me EVER!, and he is very attractive, and such a gentleman. Which is a plus. ;D Then saturday night I realized that my friend Julie isnt around and that it was just me recieving the attention from him!!! I have been completely dumbfounded by the discovery because I'm not used to this attention whatsoever. Anyway thats my story. I am so super excited and cant wait for thursday to come around!!!