Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hello everyone!!!!
This week has definitely been difficult. It has been so busy and crazy. I just recently discovered I get really nervous about door contacting. We are supposed to rely on the spirit when we knock doors but for the spirit to work with us we have to provide him with info which we gain in our studies. For me I have discovered I really struggle to stay calm and remember to rely on the Spirit. My poor companion watched me break down during role playing. I felt bad but I think I really just needed to cry. She shared a scripture with me which has helped, Doctrine and Covenants 84:85? Sister Haws knows I am really struggling with this and I am so grateful for her patience. This break through was Saturday. I have been having a hard time sleeping and my dreams have gotten really weird and exhausting. So Saturday night was one of those nights. I woke up at five wide awake with my mind spinning. After dozing a little bit I woke up to the alarm and knew something was wrong. In my dreams I had been MAD, and when I woke up I had such a high level of contention in my heart. I was afraid to talk to let Sister Haws know there was a problem. I tried praying but could hardly concentrate. When I finally mustered up the courage to talk I asked to get the Elders over to our place ASAP to get a blessing. I got some music turned on and it helped a little. When the Elders walked in it was like a peace washed over the apartment. After my blessing, which had some really cool things in it, I started feeling better. It dawned on me this morning that I had a (kind of) Joseph Smith experience, where Satan jumped in and tried to take control to keep me from doing what I needed to do. It was so scary and I never want to go through that again, especially to feel like I couldn't have the spirit with me.

The week other than that has been productive. We found a couple people that we really hope to hear from. As we talked to them we knew that they felt the spirit. I am really beginning to love the people of Chatsworth. The ward is amazing out here. It is sometimes frustrating to see members doing things that are contradictory to the commandments and not be able to say anything because it is not our place. I found someone in the ward who is going to sow some linings in a couple skirts of mine because they are kind of see through and my slip is not long enough. The ward members feed us almost every night. I had my first experience with Thai food this week (it was awesome) and will be having Jamacian food next month. I am so excited!!

I am so glad that Amy is doing better! I have been thinking so much about her and Uncle Sean this week.

Okay so some things about my area:

Large Jewish community with a couple temples

Next to almost every doughnut shop there is a liquor store

I saw a horse walking down the side walk yesterday.

There are horse crossings in the middle of town

I met a lady in our ward last week. She doesn't come very often because she lives in a house most of the time in Saratoga Springs. Her name is Sister Lee and she knows some "Randalls" down the street from her. I believe its Jeff and Danielle based of her description ;D

Well that is about it. I am doing well and could fall asleep at 9:30 instead of 10:30pm. I love being a missionary and I love learning about the Doctrine of Christ. I didn't realize that the gospel of Christ is listed in the 4th article of faith adding Enduring to the End to it. Its amazing how much we have been given and I am so excited to be apart of this movement to help the Lord hasten his work and to be apart of the prophesy of a mighty army coming forth to build the kingdom of the Lord!

Hoorah for Israel!
Sister Cottrell