Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Transfers!!!

Oh my goodness, there is so much structured chaos in our mission!!! Saturday night was transfer calls. I had a very strong reason to believe I would be getting transfered. So when the call came telling me I was getting transfered it was no surprise. What did surprise me was that I am getting put into a BIKE area. I have reason to assume this is a new area because there are no english sister areas currently on bike. Unless they are taking a car away from an area. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow. This morning President Hall called and extended the call to Sister Dyreng and I both to Train! So there are a lot of changes. This week I have a done an extensive study on Faith. It has been amazing to me just how many ways there are to strengthen ones faith. The primary ways are to read scriptures, pray, attend church and follow the prophet. But as we do each one our faith and its influence in our lives becomes more complex. Its just an amazing principle to study. I am totally relying on my faith and testimony right now, that the Lord gives us trials he knows we can get through and grow from. as I prepare myself physically, mentally, and emotionally going into this new transfer. Its amazing to me just how comforting the Holy Ghost can be and how strengthening it is too. It was sad to leave the Chatsworth ward but I can feel in my heart that its time to move on and learn to love the people in my new area. I am excited for the new experience. Im sorry this is short. I love you all!!!! This week will be great!

Hoorah for Israel!


Sister Cottrell