Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope that March is finding everyone healthier and happier! This week has been a week of miracles once again. We are finding a lot of people (not necessarily for our area) and receiving a lot of referrals. Sister Haws and I have been working hard and find that by pushing forward we help drag each other along when are ready to fall down due to exhaustion. It was so good to have Daylight Savings this weekend. We now have so much extra time to find people! And we don't have to be afraid or tense about walking in a neighborhood when its pitch black outside. This week there were no Horse stories....sorry. I know you wanted a good story. We taught a Latino couple earlier this week. They are so prepared for the gospel its a little ridiculous. Unfortunately their home is not in our area but we have the wonderful opportunity of finishing the first lesson with them. We are team teaching with the Elders who will take over. I am excited because we don't get to see the Elders teach very often and they are so much more skilled in some areas. It will be nice to observe for a little while. There is a Brother in our Ward that has completely blown me out of the water with his knowledge of the Gospel. He is a convert and has an amazing story. His knowledge of the scriptures is so deep and connected that it is hard to have a conversation with him without having some gospel principle tied into it. ITS GREAT!!!!!
I love Chatsworth and the idea of leaving it is sad to me. Transfers are on the 26th of this month which is only a couple weeks away. Its kind of crazy to think that I have been out here for 10 weeks and 13 weeks from entering the MTC! I am learning so much about the scriptures and all the doctrine which is in them. I find myself sinking deeper into the scriptures and thinking more deeply on how they apply to me and my investigators. Well I think that is it for this week. Its been a great positive week and I hope its been that way for you.
Love you all!
Hoorah for Israel!!!!
Sister Cottrell