Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moving is so EMOTIONAL!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever sat down to Blog and then look at the page as if you type its going to come alive and bite you? Or just simply cant come up with a way to say something you know you want to say? Well thats me today.
There are a lot of emotions running through me this week. The majority are of excitment, anticipation, nerves... but one that keeps coming back is just sad. Many things go into this emotion, regret, the fact that im leaving my friends and parents, walking into the dark, and knowing this is going to be hard. Dont get me wrong, I am so thrilled to finally be doing something out there but of my own accord. To take the chance and start a new life. A life thats all my doing. Creating me and who I am. But this one emotion is what has made me cry myself to sleep the last couple nights. So how can I move forward from this emotion? Put all my energy to moving and taking care of things? Any suggestions? Im sure there will be many more tears especially next week when I do move, but until then I need to keep going. Wednesday doesnt seem that far away anymore.