Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Don't Miss This Boat!

The leaves have finally started to change colors and they are starting to fall! I am so excited for the sound of leaves crunching underneath our feet as we walk around. The mornings are so brisk its refreshing. The days get pretty warm. I think they are still above 80 degrees. then the night comes and its cool enough for a warm sweater. I am loving the weather change!
This week has been so busy and crazy. We had the new missionaries come out with us for the afternoon. Sister Betenson was my new missionary. She is taller than Sister Kemp and I felt so tiny! She is an even 6 ft tall. Anyway we had the most amazing experience of teaching a lady on her front porch. The spirit was so strong and she was touched with the message we shared about prophets and the word of God being taught through the scriptures. We asked her if she would want missionaries to come back and teach her and she very quickly answered that she would love it. We walked away totally exhausted from the moment and knew that it was through the spirit we were able to teach her. It was such an amazing afternoon!
Transfers were so good as usual. I love being able to sing "Called to Serve" while the new missionaries walk in. The song will never be the same for me. The words will always touch my missionary heart and bring to remembrance the impact I have felt of being a servant of the Lord. ;D
We moved into our new apartment and finally got all unpacked. It took a couple days just because we had other things to be doing. I had an interesting experience the other night. It was the beginning of the weekend and of course its a holiday season. There was a party in our building somewhere. Only we could hear every word of Spanish/English being spoken. It sounded like it was down a few doors on the floor below us. I would go in and out of sleep for what seemed like all night. Finally Sis. Kemp woke up to the noise level and looked out the window. I of course was up and told her it had been going on all night. It felt like it was 5 am. When I checked the time it was only 1:30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was about to cry. All I wanted to do was go to sleep and stay asleep. We talked it out and decided that since we didn't want to leave the apartment that I would yell out the window and ask them to quiet down a bit. Well I did and it was so loud that they couldn't hear me. I then called our complimentary patrol officer and received the message "Sorry the person you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please try again later." I was super annoyed at this point. So what else did I have a choice to do? Wait for it......I totally called the Police Station hahahaha and left a complaint. They said they would send a police officer over. Well they must have had one near by because in 10 minutes it was almost completely dead silent! So the missionaries were able to finally fall asleep at 2 am. ;D
Sugar is doing very well! We had another member come to her lesson this week. We half expected him to be there since she is the one who told us he might be coming. Then on Saturday when we asked him to come he told us he was already planning on being there. We were a little puzzled but didn't dwell on it too much. Well we were definitely in for a surprise. During the lesson they would hold hands intermittently. Talk about having a hard time staying focused! We were teaching tithing so I hope she at least got something out of it. Then on Sunday the member informed me that they were in fact Dating. The Sunday school lesson was on eternal marriage and when I looked back over my shoulder they were holding hands again. Kind of awkward! Sugar told us later that the member had explained a little about the temple to her the night before specifically sealings. Talk about the perfect lesson to have them attend! So I guess our investigator is now dating our ward clerk...... He is a great guy and has a lot of similar experiences as Sugar. He is very cautious about things before her baptism and is trying to make sure he is out of the picture enough emotionally so that she can focus on her baptism. Once she is baptized I will have no concerns. I think this is a very good thing for both of them. It was just not expected at all! Oh the joys of working in the Singles ward hahahahaha makes for some awesome stories!
Probably the most wonderful thing of this week was Sunday in Sacrament meeting. Our Bishop has gone crazy and has released almost everyone from their callings and extended the calling of ward missionary with the assignment of their previous calling. We have been in on the plan for weeks now. However on Sunday the talks were specifically tailored to missionary work. Sister Kemp spoke and did such a great job of explaining how easy it is to be a member missionary. Then Bishop got up and said a few things then conducted the ward business. As each person stood up and their new calling was announced the spirit was so strong! It continually hit me in waves. Each person brought more tears to my eyes. I was literally bawling in sacrament because I realized just how very blessed I am. The Lord was so kind to me this transfer. I have had the opportunity to witness the hastening of the work in my ward here. I have seen the Lord's hand in the work. Miracles are happening people!!!!!!!!!! It is more than time to catch the wave of missionary work! Get caught being a Mormon. Its simple. Let people know what you did over the weekend (hopefully you went to church), let them know why you don't do certain things. Share the gospel through the example you live by. They will notice! They will feel and see the difference in you. Be open not shy. Know the answers to their questions by reading the scriptures and attending church and by praying to know for yourself if these things are true. There is no reason to hide because of what you believe in. I promise that you will see miracles happen. This Church is True!!!! This is the Lords work and we are moving forward. Jump into your boat because this wave is getting big and you don't want to miss it! I love being a missionary and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for this experience.
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Cottrell