Monday, February 18, 2013

So Many Miracles!

Thank you for all the Valentine Notes! It was a sweet surprise to find them in the box and to get in the mail and it made my day!
It seems that the Lord is blessing our family with so many little miracles. To Stacey and Deanne: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so excited for you both. I cried when I read of your happy news to be expecting little ones. I am just sad I wont meet them till they are older...Oh well! Keep me posted of your progress! To Stephanie and Jeff: I love you both and pray that things will continue to improve and that recovery comes quickly and easily. The Lord has been providing for you and will continue to provide. Between an amazing Doctor and the Lord Jeff couldn't be in better hands.
This week has felt busy yet our numbers reflected very slow work and progress. I think our miracle investigator took a step back this week. She saw a verse in Moroni 8 about it being an abomination to baptize little children. She just happens to be Catholic and didn't ask questions. However we did take her to a baptism with her Less active friend. They seemed to enjoy it.
On Wednesday President Hall and his wife did a specialized training for Sisters. It just happened to be Valentines Day and the subject was on Charity- the pure love of Christ. It was so cool! We focused on Moroni 7:45 for six hours! Basically we took the verse broke it down into English words (ex. suffereth long=patient) and then talked about them. We watched countless clips of President Uchtdorf and just really enjoyed the day. Luckily we listened well because we were able to pull a lot out for the District Training Sister Haws and I gave on Friday. We talked on serving the Lord with all of your Heart. It went well and we all walked away with a sense of urgency to place our hearts more fully in the Lords hands.
We found out that this transfer (Tuesday) we are opening 14 new areas and are receiving up to 9 new Sisters! It is so exciting. We are just buzzing with the changes. Also we found out that currently there are 31 sisters in the Mission and by the end of the year we will have 90! Which means that every single one of us will/should be training sometime this coming year. We were informed that some missions have Sisters training 2 new girls at a time! Its so crazy to see the Lords army expanding so quickly!!!!!!
I went on a 24 hour exchange on Tuesday. Honestly is was relieving to be with someone else. Not that I needed to get away from Sister Haws but that I realized something really important once I left her. I realized that I can do this! It felt so good to be away and feeling like someone was hovering over me walking around with bumper pads. I felt like I could breathe. It was so nice to just work and do what I know how to do. Don't get me wrong, I love working with Sister Haws and she is a great trainer but to have a little freedom to make the calls and realize I know enough was exhilarating. It was a good 24 hours.
Things are well here in Chatsworth and the weather has been good to us. I am even beginning to get a foot tan ha ha ...sorry to those in the snow and cold ;D I love you all and pray the Lord will continue to bless you and your families.
Hoorah for Israel!
Sister Cottrell