Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello All!


This week has been an interesting week to say the least. It seems that every door we have knocked on has been bad. Not that they are slamming doors or being mean all the time. Its been a little disheartening to say the least. Friday we had an amazing day though. Our Zone Leaders joined us in our companion study. During this time we practiced how to extend a baptismal commitment. It was nerve racking but the spirit was so strong. Sister Haws and I have never extended a baptismal commitment so it was good practice. They also passed on a message from President Hall. We were informed that if we haven't met our goals for new investigators by Friday Morning we are to drop all our appointments that dont include someone investigating the church, so we can go find those individuals. Immediately I could feel a shift in Sister Haws emotions. Needless to say that she really struggled with this information. The reason being is we do a TON of reactivation work and our appointments were with those members. We did cancel the appointments and in return for following President Halls "commandment" we found 7 potential investigators. One of those was a family who has 4 girls that all play soccer. There soccer days are Saturday through Thursday. When we went to talk to the mom who was outside I got the distinct impression I needed to bring up FHE. I thought no way, I can't do that. But it hit me again and I wasn't about to fight it. That is when we found out they had one down day a week. It was perfect and the Mom was super excited about it. I think she is tired. Tired of running her kids around and being a literal soccer mom. Later that day we met with our investigator and we extended a soft commitment to baptism!!! It was good. We didn't feel right to set a day quite yet but we are working on it. She also came to Sacrament meeting and Gospel Principles. I swear everything that was said was for her. It was so cool.

Yesterday we went on splits and I came back so discouraged and disappointed in myself. I cant figure out what happened. No matter how hard I tried at the doors I just couldn't talk. We might not have been in the right area and I tried to re-evaluate through the spirit but I just couldn't feel or think clearly. I felt truly inadequate and just close to tears. The sweet girl I was with shared some advice that really helped. She told me to not feel inadequate because I was doing just fine. (she is a returned missionary) She also suggested I work on the Christlike Attributes more fully. She said that working on those helps overcome those feelings and helps you focus more on the Savior. I have been really thinking on the advice and decided she is right. So I started this morning. I am going to work on Humility. Of course its like when you pray for patience you are taught to have patience... so I am sure this week I will get a large dose of humility. I am actually looking forward to it.

Well the work is moving forward! We got 29 new missionaries this last week, 13 are visa waiters to Peru, Mexico and Brazil. It is quite exciting. President Hall also informed us we are maxed out on how missionaries we can currently house without opening new apartments, and we had to buy 15 new beds. So we are at a total of 205 missionaries in our mission and on our way to 250!!!! I love being a missionary and to have the opportunity to serve the Lord at this particular time. I love you all and hope all is going well!

Hoorah for Israel!


Sister Cottrell

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