Monday, June 3, 2013


This week has been interesting to say the least. We had exchanges again with our sister training leaders. Guess who I was with companions with? SISTER HAWS!!!!!!! It was so good to be with her again. It was amazing to see just how much we have both grown in the last 9 weeks. Really? its only been 9 weeks? goodness that doesn't sound long but it feels like the time has flown! I wish I had a reality mirror and could see just how much I have changed in the last 5 months not only as a missionary but as a daughter of God. Sister Haws gave me some solid advice about things I can do to improve myself as a trainer for Sister Peatross. #1 the blessings of prayer are conditional based upon what we ask for in our prayers. So make your prayers so specific that you cannot risk the chance of missing the blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for us. #2 Try to have the patience you felt from your trainer. #3 Act on the thoughts you have right away and stop focusing just on the schedule for the day and how long its going to take you to get to the next stop. Yes, the last one has been a huge issue. I am not sure why but it is what it is.

I dont know if you have seen national news but there is a HUGE fire that is in the next valley over from where I am at. I am in Antelope valley and this fire is in Grass valley. It has burned approx. 20,000 acres. Every morning we wake up and see the mushroom clouds of the fire and then throughout the day we watch the smoke travel into our area. It makes for some really awesome sunsets but its not so good on the lungs. There is ash everywhere. The fire is working its way towards us and if my math is correct the zone leaders that cover that area are right in the line of where its traveling. Its somewhat unsettling but we just keep praying for those who are losing their homes and who are in danger.

The work is continuing to move along. We are having some struggles with investigators not keeping commitments but I am sure we will get it all worked out. Oh! So our ward has had the zone leaders in it for a very long time. We have heard from some of our members that our Stake President has said that he is expecting the missionary reputation in our ward has to go down because the zone leaders aren't in it anymore. EXCUSE ME?
 Who says that the zone leaders always have a perfect area? That was so hurtful. The stake president hasn't even bothered to introduce himself to us and doesn't know how hard we are working to make sure this area stays up and running and that the ward is so involved. RUDE! Anyway I really am calm over it. But it hurt to hear. If anything I have the motivation to keep working hard.
Well family I need to go but I love you and hope your week all goes well!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Cottrell

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