Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hello family and friends!

I am so sorry I dont know what has been going on with the email system. I hope that this email comes when it is supposed to.

This week has been so busy! But let me start with last Sunday:

On Sunday our mission had a special fast to help us reach our goals of 30 Baptisms in July, 1000 new investigators in July so we can baptize 40 in August. Sister Scrivner and I decided to add our own goals into the fast to help us reach our goal of 2 baptisms in July. We had one lined up already so we were fasting in faith to find another. It was a wonderful Sunday and we closed our fast with the feeling of peace that the Lord has heard our prayers. On Monday we gave the spiritual thought for FHE. When we were done one of the sisters in our ward asked if she could come out with us instead of going to the beach (FHE). We were excited to have her join us! She told us that she had been prompted to ask during the spiritual thought. As we prayed right before our lesson with a former investigator Sister Scrivner felt prompted to ask for help as we extended a baptismal commitment. But what she prayed for was for help to know how to help our investigator progess. When she finished praying she explained what happened. I got the distinct impression that this investigator was to be our other baptism for July. We were all kind of blown away. We went into the lesson starting out as we had planned. We soon discovered our lesson going a different direction which is okay because it lead us into the conversation of baptism. Sister Scrivner extended the commitment and he accepted it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so excited and astonished that all we could do was laugh by the end of the night. As well as offer prayers of gratitude that the Lord answered our Fast so quickly. It was truly a miracle. Then yesterday morning we got a text from his ride saying he was sick and couldn't make it to church. This was a problem because if he didn't come to church we would have to push is baptismal date back a week. We called him to verify he was sick. After we hung up he texted us that he had taken some medicine to calm his stomach and was waiting to see if it would work. We started to prayer immediately that the Lord would heal him so that we could help him keep his commitment for church and baptism. I kid you not that 3 minutes later we heard from him that he felt fine and was on his way to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord has been so mindful of us and continually answers our prayers. Some definitely quickly than others but they are answered all the same! While we were at church we taught Gospel Principles. We asked the question of why fasting is so important. Our dear investigator piped up from the back row. He said, "its important because it allows us to leave the worldly things behind and focus on coming closer to God." .......DONE! He basically taught the class in one sentence. We couldn't believe it. How amazing that our investigator could answer a question about fasting when he is the result of a fast. Our minds have been blown. ;D

We started our exchanges this week with some of our Sisters. It was so good to get to know them and to hear their concerns and then feel directed by the spirit to set the goals for the exchange so that we could help them progress and become exceptional missionaries. Here are the miracles we saw: (in bullet point because there are too many details to share ;D)

1. we found a less active member from Utah that is YSA age!

2. a guy answered the door with a pistol in hand. Dont worry all was well when we said we talk about our Savior. He dropped the gun into his pocket, and he was 85 years old.

3. during the memorial service (for friends and youth of the Church) for our ward member we were able to locate two non member friends of the ward member and give them Book of Mormons and talk to them about the Plan of Salvation.

4. we committed an Atheist to give a pass a long card to someone who wants to know more about Christ, hence getting him to talk about Christ to someone else. heeheehee that one was funny because I didn't realize what I had done until I walked away. haha

5. While I was with my girls I was able to watch the change that took place in them as they saw the miracles unfold through out the day. I was able to help them recognize miracles in way that motivated them and gave them more positive attitudes.

Exchanges were amazing and I am so glad that I have had this oportunity to be a sister training leader.

I spoke in church yesterday. I was so nervous and I have no idea why. I was asked to speak on the plan of salvation. When I clarified how I was supposed to do that since it has been the theme for a couple weeks now the Bishop told me to talk about the girl who passed away. He wants to keep her memory fresh and the plan of salvation alive in our wards mind. Well as I studied for this talk I realized that I didn't want it to become a Euology. So I prefaced my talk with saying "I know that all of us will be thinking our our ward member because the sorrow is so fresh in our minds. But I want you to try to think about how the Plan of Salvation applies to you because you're apart of it. You are here!" Sister Scrivner informs me that I reached my goal. That at first her mind was drawn to the events of late but by the time I was done she was thinking of herself and how the Plan of Salvation blesses her. I had several other people tell me that I had said things they needed to hear. I was grateful for that because I felt scattered the whole time I was up there. I guess that was my logical mind feeling that as the spirit was talking. It all worked out and I am relieved.

I have officially become the designated driver of our vehicle because Sister Scrivner is under Doctors orders to not drive due to her seizures. I really hated hearing that (even though I am safer driving now) because I haven't wanted to drive since I got here! California drivers are nuts! and we all know my magnetic effect on cars. ;D hahaha. I trust the Lord will protect us and our poor car. His name is Jack because he has the turn radius of the Titanic. ;D

We have been trying to teach Red how to talk like a king and decided we needed to apply it too. One day this week our phone was being stupid and I said "this phone sucks!" Sister Scrivner turned and said, "okay now how would you say that like a queen?" I thought for a moment and said "This device is not performing to its fullest capacity. And I am VERY disappointed!" (in a British accent) hahaha we laughed pretty hard over that one. In fact it has become our inside joke. Amazingly enough it is working out quiet well. We are finding new ways to say things and get around not so lady like words.

Well I think that just about does it for this week. I love you all and I hope and pray that you see the miraclous power of God's hand in your lives.

Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Cottrell

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