Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This past week was so full!!!!!  Both my companion and I had health complications that put us out a couple of days. During those days we just rested which was perfect because the first time ever on my mission Saturday morning I woke and literally popped out of bed. I felt so refreshed and happy from the moment the alarm went off. I found myself singing in the shower and laughing to myself. It only lasted that morning but it was preliminary to the mission conference we had with Elder Kent F. Richards and Elder Garnes. 
This conference was amazing!!!! We had so much instruction on how to teach simply and to teach only pure doctrine. Elder Richards shared something with us that has been rolling through my mind since. He said that Happiness is directly related to the Spirit which is directly related to Acting in Faith. As I have thought about this I realize that the more we act on the Faith we have in Jesus Christ the more the Spirit will be with us. And the more the spirit is with us the happier we are because at that exact moment we have no desire to sin which would cause the spirit to leave us. Therefore we have more ability to trust in the Savior. Mind blowing right? Another thing that was taught was that we should be learning new things as we are teaching by the spirit as evidence we are teaching by the spirit. This week I realized this truth. When we were teaching Rock I realized that as I was teaching the 10 commandments I was learning something new! It was awesome! There was just so many good things talked about that day. I went into the conference with several simple personal questions; How can I become more Christlike? What do I need to change to go home without Regrets? How can I get more out of my mission? How can I simplify my teaching so my investigators don't misunderstand? All the questions were answered with very simple answers. It was great!!!!!!! 
The other amazing things this week is Rock. He is getting Baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited because we have been working so hard to  get him to progress. We have 2 more lessons before Thursday when he has his baptismal interview. Some of the lessons were hard to teach him because it was going to cause some major lifestyle changes for him. But its all for the better and he knows it. He has also seen many blessing already of being able to avoid and turn down temptations! He needs a lot of prayers still because Satan is still really working on him. 
Its just been a good week. Well time is short so I will need to say goodbye. But I love you all have a great week!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Cottrell

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