Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This week has been a week of miracles to say the least. Let me tell you a little about what has been happening. This week Sister Hatfield and I have worked our tail ends off with a former investigator continuing the service project from last week. On Friday we called her to verify the service project for Saturday. She ended up venting to us and asking us for more help with other things. In the end we felt like we needed to pray. I was conflicted on feeling if she was taking advantage of us or if she really needed the help. By the end of our prayer we felt very strongly we needed to just serve her. I felt as if there was big block letters going from side to side in my head spelling SERVICE! So we headed over to her place to assess the situation. The project she asked for help with was taking down a wood playground set so we could finish painting. We realized it was going to have to come down anyway and it needed to come down before Saturday. We changed and hurried back over and took down the playground!!!!!!! I have never worked with power tools a ton before but boy oh boy did I enjoy it!!!!!!! We also finished up a couple other things too. In my last area someone handed an animation to me done by someone who works for Disney. In this picture there are angels who look like Cronk from Emperors New Groove. The angels are protecting a set of Elders from a variety of different things. Our personal Cronk angels were watching us that day for sure. At one point a beam from the playground connected to the house fell....right between Sister Hatfield and I. But then the other beam fell and swung and hit my comp right in the bridge of her nose!!!!!! I guess Cronk was too busy with the other beam hahaha It was funny. Her poor nose has a huge knot on it. It was such a good feeling to see the playground taken apart and the area cleaned up. We were there for 8 hours!!!! But it was all totally worth it. The next day was the service project which was supposed to be a ward thing but you know our ward.....2 kids showed up. Oh well it was great fun!!!! Once again I got to use the power tools. =) I sanded an entire deck!  At the end our project we asked to share a message and she said yes. We talked about Gods love and bore testimony of the Atonement. Her friend was also there. We committed them to take the lessons and come to church. WE HAVE 2 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!!! It was awesome. After all the hard work and love that we have shown someone who didn't trust missionaries this was our result. It was totally worth the time! We felt very happy and at peace with it. On Sunday we had another miracle day. The Anders came to church again. Another less active came who we had visited this week. Our new investigators showed up just on time. Oh and a mother and daughter who we found in the Elders area while helping them out came as well. (they just happen to be almost golden and ready for the gospel. We were told by them that we came at just the right moment. It was a really awesome experience. We knocked on their door shared a message with the 14 year old daughter who went and grabbed her Mom who then asked for all our information for church. MIRACLE) Who rocks Sundays? The Sisters!!!!!!! Actually the Lord but we helped out. =) It was fantastic. For the first time ever we had members coming up to our investigators and talking with them right after sacrament meeting and offering to take them to classes. Some even knew who they were! Everyone who came to church is coming to our ward activity tonight as well, and their YM/YW kids are going to mutual! It was so cool to watch!!!!! So we are turning the ward around or should I say upside down and its awesome. Love being a missionary!
This week was awesome. I hope all of you have a great week and that you enjoy the "spring" you may be having where ever you may be. 
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Cottrell

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