Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The above pictures ( for those of you who have not seen facebook) is me as Cruella in a Melodrama I did for my singles ward. The plot is about Aurora the sleeping beauty, Cinderella, and Belle all wanting to find true love with 3 princes who seem to be an unlikely match. A story teller directs the play and the Fairy Godfather and I fight each other in trying to make love happen/ or not happen. I was against love. He he he. It was so fun. I have red glitter everywhere in my hair and what they call fantasy makeup designs on my face. I hardly looked like me. Even my mom didnt recognize me. There are lots of pictures, maybe i'll put a slide show together.
I have to say that I did not expect that many replies on my last post. But they did bring understanding and help. I appreciate all comments even if you wanted to keep quiet. ;D They definately made me laugh and smile at all of you. I wish I could afford to move out to Nebraska. It would be an adventure I would love to have!!! Alas money would be an issue and so would my job. But i'll keep the idea in my heart for another time. Who knows maybe Mr. Handsome Right is there. Ha ha ha that is an intriguing thought. I am so close to having my mission papers its unreal. Now that the time is here to start them Im getting anxious. I dont necessarily have doubts but can address them as concerns that I have. Sheez growing up is hard. Ha ha ha

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