Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little Understanding?

So today at church one of the bishopric members came up to me and said, "come sit down and lets talk. " My first reaction was "Oh no, not a third calling!" well he really did just want to talk. I have been in the process of getting mission papers and he asked me that how it was going. I told him that its been slow and that it is getting there. Then he asked another question as if he was trying to clarify something, "So are you dating anyone?" ouch. Well the plain and simple fact is that Im not and never really have. He then continued to say watch you'll find someone and not go on a mission. You'll get married instead. At this point in my head im thinking, "yeah right!" on the other hand another part of me started thinking that would be nice and i could live with that. Well here is another piece of the puzzle. Life has been rough for me lately and I seem to be changing in behavior and habit. I know that I have to change back to my old self just more mature in some areas so that I can go on a mission/get married. But here is my question; How come every time a girl gets ready to go on a mission, most people decide to throw the "you'll get married instead" line out there? It drives me crazy because obviously the girl is at a time in her life where that is not going to happen. Yes sometimes it does happen granted but not always. We all do want to get married just at the right time. Anyway if anyone has an answer please help me out.


  1. Ha ha thats funny! It is a rough situation. I think it's also their way of making sure you're not running away from anything by going on a mission. But you have to remember he could be inspired. ") but if I were in your shoes I'd keep moving forward towards a mission-and 100% committed if you feel that is what you are supposed to do and if Mr. Handsome Right comes along then GREAT!! Maybe it was in the process you grew and developed to be ready for Mr. Handsome.
    LOVE YOU! Maybe you should move out here. :)

  2. I think it's because while preparing for a mission two things happen: First, you become a better person, closer to the Lord, glowing with a stronger testimony, which makes you more attractive. Secondly, you are completely focused on something else, and that makes you more attractive as well. And then it sometimes happens that a good looking boy comes along and sees all that and snatches you up. So I think people say that because they see the beauty radianting from your eyes and can't imagine that a boy can't see it as well. But you're right we should all just keep our mouths shut. By the way I love that picture of you.

  3. Randall, I totally agree. I'm soo sick of people telling me that I'm not going. It's something I've wanted to do since I can remember. I have it first recorded from 3rd grade. Sometimes people saying that though, gives me a stronger desire to go...just so that I can prove them wrong :)

  4. Hey what is a "Stephanie Phase" is that supposed to be named after me? Explain yourselves.

    And I thought that you were going to move out to Nebraska? That wouldn't be standing still would it? It would technically be moving East.