Friday, November 5, 2010

Blessings and Miracles

So in trying to get my transfer all squared away in Lincoln, some struggles have come up. Either employees will be hired by the time I arrive or shifts just arent open. Yesterday was a downer day since thats all I found out on the matter. As I was saying my prayers last night I started praying really hard that more progress would be made so that I could have a job while I'm in Lincoln. This morning I woke up to a phone call from a store next to Grandma and Grandpa's house, the Pharmacist said he has 3 shifts a week open and that they can be mine! And that another store has 2 shifts open!!!! I couldnt believe it. Through my groggy eyes and not awake vocal chords I wanted to shout hooray and cry. But I didn't. ;D I am throughly blessed and these little bumps and resulting miracles make my convictions stronger that moving is definitely what the Lord would have me do. And reminds me that he will prepare a way. I am so excited and grateful for the great start to the day especially when this week has been really rough. Watch out Lincoln, HERE I COME!!!!!!!!


  1. Wait, you're moving to Lincoln? When did that happen? Are you staying with Mom and Dad?

  2. Yup I am staying with them, at least for a little bit. And this decision has been in the making for the last month. It took me about three weeks to make the decision and the act on it.